Trans Mountain has operated in Burrard Inlet for nearly 70 years. Did you know we’ve loaded vessels at Westridge Marine Terminal from Pier 61, our legacy dock, since 1956?

We are now entering a new operating era as the expansion at Westridge Marine Terminal nears completion. Our modern three-berth dock complex will be a world-class facility with industry-leading technology, including a dynamic mooring system with special dock fenders and a new vessel approach system. Each berth is provided with two articulated marine loading arms and a third arm that is part of Westridge Marine Terminal's improved marine vapour management system. There will be a utility dock where tugs, boom boats and emergency response vessels can moor and an extension of the land along the shoreline to accommodate new equipment.

Upon completion, this new facility will ensure efficient and safe vessel turnaround to support the increased loading capacity resulting from the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. By helping our pipeline shippers meet global oil demand, Trans Mountain shall remain a key participant and contributor in Canada’s energy industry for years to come.

Berth 1 In Service

As we finish the final phases of construction, Trans Mountain is bringing some components of Westridge Marine Terminal's newly built facility into service to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the existing Line 1. Berth 1 was commissioned into service in mid-July after the successful relocation of crude and jet fuel operations from Pier 61.

The first export vessel, the M/T Pacific Garnet, entering Westridge Marine Terminal’s water lot to moor at the recently commissioned Berth 1.

The departure of the first export vessel from Berth 1 commemorates an important Expansion Project milestone. This maiden export vessel call on the newly constructed berth represents a leap forward in our operations and was achieved through Trans Mountain’s unwavering commitment to collaboration, safety and teamwork.

A view of the newly commissioned Berth 1 at Westridge Marine Terminal. Pier 61, the legacy berth, is visible in the foreground.

To prepare for Berth 1 in service, we have established new systems and operating plans, including a new terminal management system, updated emergency response plans, an oil pollution prevention plan, new fire suppression systems, oil spill response assets and an expanded skilled workforce. In time, subject to permit approval, the existing berth will be removed.

The M/T Pacific Garnet departed the terminal in mid-July after successfully loading product from Berth 1.

As the construction of Line 2 and the new Westridge Delivery Lines are not yet complete, the start of Berth 1 in service will not increase the volume of product or number of tankers calling at Westridge Marine Terminal, nor does this constitute the start of post-Project operations.