During construction of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, Simon Fraser University Professor Robert Anderson wrote a heartfelt letter to former President and CEO Ian Anderson expressing his interest in environmental protection.

Following an introduction to Robert, the External Relations team was inspired by an initiative he spearheaded after trees were removed from Burnaby Mountain to build “UniverCity” – the nearby residential neighbourhood. “Two trees” from the cleared property were donated to local artists to create lasting legacies with Robert’s guidance.

In response, Trans Mountain created the "Three Trees Project" to confirm the company's commitment to community well-being, environmental sustainability and education. The project aimed to inspire others to follow suit and work towards these goals.

The inaugural project began with a cedar log being donated to the Hope Communities in Bloom annual World Class Chainsaw Carving Event. Thanks to the invaluable trucking support provided by Macro Industries, a General Construction Contractor on the Expansion Project, the log underwent a remarkable transformation.

Sculpted with care and precision by a world-class artist at the August 2023 event in Hope, the log is now proudly showcased for both the local community and visiting tourists.

The second project involved a cedar log handcrafted into two park benches by Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC) Spill Response Technician, Tanner Stolle. The benches have been recently installed on the Trans Mountain Trail near Burnaby Terminal for area residents to appreciate. Supported by Kiewit Ledcor Trans Mountain Partnership (KLTP), this legacy project demonstrates KLTP’s unwavering dedication to giving back to the community throughout the Expansion Project.

The third and final project is currently underway with another special story to come.

The Three Trees Project is a shining example of the community coming together to create something beautiful and sustainable for future generations. Trans Mountain is proud to leave these legacy pieces in communities along its corridor for the enjoyment of all.

Our sincere gratitude goes to everyone who contributed their time, talents and efforts to bringing this project to life, including Probyn Log Ltd. in Chilliwack, BC.