British Columbia’s coastal waterways are busy with both recreational and commercial vessel traffic, including deep-sea ships travelling to and from the Port of Vancouver and Trans Mountain’s Westridge Marine Terminal.

We’ve prepared a seven-question quiz to support the Pacific Pilotage Authority and Transport Canada’s aim to raise awareness about boating safety in shared waterways.

Eligible entrants will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a $1,000 prize package that includes a YETI Tundra 45 Hard Cooler and three Mustang lifejackets (personal flotation device - PFD)*.

*The winner will select their PFD sizes.

Please read and review the terms and conditions before entering and do not forget to read A Marine Pilot's Perspective editorial to help answer the questions asked in the quiz!

Here are some important reminders to help prioritize safety on the water as boating season begins.

When in a shipping lane or a designated traffic separation scheme, be aware of large ships; cross shipping lanes at a 90-degree angle and keep clear of large ships.

If fishing is allowed in a shipping lane or designated traffic separation scheme, keep as near to the outer edge as possible and leave the centre of the channel open for large ship traffic.

Make sure the required additional lights are displayed.

Make a lookout by sight and sound. Sounding five shorts and rapid blasts in a warning signal.

Keep a listening watch on the appropriate VHF channel and set your AIS (Automatic Identification System - if fitted) for information on other ship movements in the area.

Consider fitting your small craft with AIS or a radar reflector to be visible to large vessels.