In recognition of national Dig Safe month, we’ve created a short quiz to test your safe digging knowledge and promote the free and easy-to-use One Call service. By taking just a few minutes to test your knowledge, you’ll be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win a tablet valued at more than $500!

Please read and review the terms and conditions before entering.

What’s Dig Safe Month?

Every April in Canada and the US, we participate in the Dig Safe Month initiative to raise awareness about safe digging practices, improve safety and prevent damage to underground infrastructure.

Just below the surface may lie buried water lines, a pipeline transporting oil or natural gas, or cables and wires for telecommunications. When planning any ground disturbance activity, be it a large development project or home improvements, planting a tree or installing a fence, building or maintaining a road, it’s important to know what’s below before you break ground.

At least three days before the start of your project, place a One Call request at or by contacting your local One Call service provider.

The One Call service is free and easy to use and helps keep you and your community safe. Always make this your first step before starting any landscaping or home improvement project involving ground disturbance.

While April is Dig Safe Month, safety is important 365 days of the year. Know what’s below and remind friends and loved ones to do the same. Click or call before you dig.