Trans Mountain has been operating across Alberta, British Columbia and Washington state for more than 70 years. The original pipeline was built in 1953 and has been operating safely ever since. Since 2019, we’ve been building the Trans Mountain Expansion Project and are proud to be completing construction in the BC Interior as part of this legacy Project for all Canadians.

Approximately 185 kilometres of pipeline construction is now complete between Black Pines (roughly 40 kilometres north of Kamloops) and the Coquihalla Summit. Construction included a new pump station at Black Pines, and upgrades to Kamloops Terminal and Kingsvale Pump Station. The BC Interior included 15 major crossings, 11 major watercourse crossings and more than 4,200 metres of first-of-its-kind microtunnelling through unique and challenging areas.

Thank you for your patience during construction. While pipeline construction is complete, smaller work crews will return to finish right-of-way cleanup and reclamation.  

Trans Mountain values the relationships it has built with communities along the pipeline corridor over its more than 70-year history. During construction of the Expansion Project, we’ve given back to the region through Community Benefit Agreements, funding various projects, local education and training opportunities, investing more than $1.6 million into communities, including Kamloops and Merritt.

Trans Mountain supported the City of Kamloops with a $200,000 contribution to its newly constructed accessible playground and $170,000 towards the new Aviation Way Dog Park. As a result of a funding agreement with the City of Merritt, Trans Mountain contributed $950,000 to Merritt’s municipal bulk water and sanitary wastewater disposal systems that helped minimize camp impacts, while providing a lasting benefit to the community.

Trans Mountain greatly thanks its general construction contractor, Surerus Murphy Joint Venture (SMJV) for its hard work, commitment and community dedication during construction. SMJV has left a lasting impact in the Kamloops and Merritt areas with employee-led community donations totalling more than $1 million. This dedicated group of workers committed to supporting local lemonade stands, responding to wildfires and volunteering with local organizations to make meals for disadvantaged individuals.

Trans Mountain operations staff work and live in the BC Interior, and on top of local community benefits, Trans Mountain will pay more than $18 million annually in local property taxes after the Expansion Project is completed.  

While our presence will be smaller with pipeline construction now complete, we look forward to continuing as good neighbours in the community and maintaining our positive relationship well into the future.