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Press Release

Trans Mountain’s Statement on the Government’s Update for a Decision on the Expansion Project

Trans Mountain welcomes the certainty provided by Minister Sohi’s announcement regarding an extension to the date for a decision on the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.


Business Readiness Workshops in the BC Interior

In preparation for construction on the Expansion Project, Trans Mountain resumed its Business Readiness Workshops at the end of March with events held in Merritt and Kamloops.


Burnaby Facility Upgrades and Maintenance Continue

Maintenance and facility upgrades continue at Burnaby Terminal and Westridge Marine Terminal to secure and protect the existing facilities and ensure the continued safe operations at both terminals.


Update: April 2019 Capacity Announcement for the Trans Mountain Pipeline System

Demand for capacity on the pipeline system remains strong, total system nominations are apportioned by 29 per cent for April.


Fewer Tanker Spills Occur Despite Doubling of Vessel Traffic Since 1970

Oil spill risks are a small fraction of what they were in the 1970s, thanks to action by industry and government, the International Oil Tankers Pollution Federation reports.


Tanker Safety Improvements Further Mitigate Risk and Protect Marine Environment

Tanker safety has improved with new regulations, more robust ship design codes, enhanced emergency preparedness and response systems, and better self-regulation and procedures.


Focus on Conditions: Reconsideration Report

In their report, the NEB released 156 conditions that Trans Mountain would be required to meet in order for the Project to be carried out.


NEB Approves Incentive Toll Settlement Between Trans Mountain and Shippers

The National Energy Board has determined Trans Mountain’s new three-year toll settlement is in the public’s interest.


Tankers are a Small Portion of Overall Vessel Traffic in the Salish Sea

Marine transportation in the Salish Sea encompasses vessels that range from large commercial vessels such as container ships to small pleasure craft.


Strong Support for National Energy Board’s Trans Mountain Expansion Project Approval Recommendation

Since the NEB delivered its Reconsideration report to the Government of Canada, a number of organizations have come forward to express their views of the report and support for the recommendation.

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