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Update: August 2018 Capacity Announcement for the Trans Mountain Pipeline System

Total system nominations for the Trans Mountain Pipeline system are apportioned by 42 per cent for August 2018.


Preparing for “Boots-on-the-Ground” Construction

There are many steps to building a pipeline, but before “boots-on-the-ground” construction can begin, there are a number of important actions that need to occur.


Construction Update: Burnaby Terminal Preparatory Work Underway

At our Burnaby Terminal, preparatory work is currently underway. We are working to place a permanent double-fence system on existing Trans Mountain property.


New Damage Prevention Initiatives Seek to Enhance Protection of Underground Infrastructure in Canada

We are supporting two key damage prevention initiatives that seek to promote and improve safe digging practices in Canada. Learn more about these initiatives and how you can support them.

Press Release

Kinder Morgan Canada Limited Declares Dividends and Announces Results for Second Quarter of 2018

Trans Mountain Transaction on Track to Close; KML Terminal Expansions Continue


Sumas Terminal Fire Deployment Exercise

Regular training and exercises are integral to our safety and emergency preparedness program to ensure a quick and efficient response in the unlikely event of an emergency.


Protecting Our Pipelines From Corrosion

Learn about how we monitor and employ preventive techniques on our pipelines to protect them from the effects of corrosion.


July 2018 Update: Demand for Capacity on Trans Mountain Pipeline System Continues to be Robust

Total system nominations for the Trans Mountain Pipeline system are apportioned by 46 per cent for July 2018.


Pipeline Shutdowns: Enhancing Operational Safety

We routinely take our pipeline system out of service for short periods of time each year in order to conduct key maintenance activities.


Trans Mountain Community Benefit Program Creating Community Legacies

The Village of Wabamun is the first community to develop and complete a community project as a direct result of our Community Benefit Program.