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Five Truths about the Trans Mountain Pipeline

This letter from Kinder Morgan Canada Vice President of regulatory and Finance, Scott Stoness, was originally published as an op-ed in ...


Photo Tour: Pipeline Panoramas

The existing Trans Mountain Pipelines stretches 1,150 kilometres, traversing many types of landscapes through Alberta and BC. Our pipeline right-of-way ...


Protecting the Environment: The Lac du Bois Grasslands

Guest post: Margaret Mears, Lead, Environment, Trans Mountain Expansion Project At Trans Mountain, we take our commitment to environmental protection seriously. ...


Margaret Mears: Critical that we Protect Farm and Ranch Land

Guest post: Margaret Mears, Environmental Lead Trans Mountain understands it is critical we protect farm and ranch land during construction ...


Lexa Hobenshield: Protecting the Aquifer is Paramount

Guest post: Lexa Hobenshield, Stakeholder Engagement Lexa works with communities along the pipeline right-of-way to inform them about the Project ...


Bruce McTavish: Addressing Farmers’ Concerns

Bruce McTavish, a Professional Agrologist and Registered Professional Biologist, is a senior agricultural consultant with the Trans Mountain Expansion Project ...


Bruce McTavish: Addressing Concerns of Ranchers and Farmers

It’s not only critical but also necessary to make our best efforts to ensure agricultural land is properly managed. Bruce ...


Wayne Van Velzen: We Can Have Both Economic Success and Environmental Health

“We can have both economic success and environmental health, it just takes drive and commitment, which I believe Trans Mountain ...


Calum Bonnington: Minimizing Construction Impacts to Watercourses

I’m confident this project can be built in a way that minimizes impact to fishes and their habitat. As part ...


The Right Way to Share the Right-of-Way: Maintaining the Pipeline in Urban Areas

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