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Protecting Traditional Land Use and Cultural Heritage Resources

Approved mitigation plans are in place to reduce potential impacts to Traditional Land Use (TLU) areas.


Building Capacity in Beecher Bay

Trans Mountain’s partnership with the Sc’ianew First Nation shared values of protecting the marine environment, building capacity and growing local economies.


Protecting the Environment: Archaeological Impacts

Trans Mountain is committed to the protection of archaeological and heritage sites, as well as areas of cultural significance for Indigenous groups.


Plan, Prepare and Protect: A Spotlight on Chance Finds during Construction

Through years of Project planning and engagement with Indigenous Peoples, we have developed extensive mitigation plans to reduce potential impacts to Traditional Land Use areas and Heritage Resources.


Hop to it! Protecting Amphibians

Since 2012, the environmental team for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project has been out in the field studying a wide range of environmental features, including plants, fish and wildlife.


A New Pack at Westridge Marine Terminal

As part of the Expansion Project, substantial work has gone into determining potential environmental impacts and mitigation methods to reduce the impact to the environment.


Gratitude in 2021

While 2020 may have been a year like no other, 2021 was another one for the books. Despite this year's challenges, Trans Mountain has so much to be grateful for.


Trans Mountain Wins the 2021 CEPA Foundation Award for Innovation

​We are proud to announce that Trans Mountain’s Environmental Protection Rules program has won the 2021 CEPA Foundation Award for Innovation for our industry leading program.


Trans Mountain Releases Inaugural Environmental, Social & Governance Report

The report communicates the environmental, social and governance initiatives and key metrics that demonstrate progress to date and the company’s commitment to continual improvement.


Indigenous Monitors: Incorporating Indigenous Perspectives into Construction Oversight

Indigenous Monitors work as an integrated part of the Expansion Project Environmental Inspection team.

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