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Protecting Our Pipelines From Corrosion

Learn about how we monitor and employ preventive techniques on our pipelines to protect them from the effects of corrosion.


Pipeline Shutdowns: Enhancing Operational Safety

We routinely take our pipeline system out of service for short periods of time each year in order to conduct key maintenance activities.


Being Prepared: Enhancing our Plans and Equipment for Wildfire Season

Learn about the plans and equipment we have in place and how you can play a role in keeping our pipelines and facilities safe during wildfire season.


Protecting our Pipeline at the North Saskatchewan River Crossing in Edmonton

This summer, we completed pipeline maintenance as part of our natural hazards program to install special protective covering over the pipeline at the North Saskatchewan River crossing in Edmonton.


Video: How Internal Inspections Maximize Pipeline Safety

We spoke to our team at a recent internal inspection to find out how data gathered by the tool informs us of any defects in pipeline condition that may indicate an issue.


Protecting the Pipeline as Wildfires Advance through BC’s Interior


Paul Huddleston: Safe Digging is a Priority

Safe digging is a priority for Kinder Morgan Canada. KMC’s Pipeline Protection department works to protect the integrity of the ...


Using Technology to Enhance Integrity Digs

Maintaining the Trans Mountain Pipeline as a safe, secure and environmentally responsible operation is a full-time commitment. Kinder Morgan Canada’s ...


Dan Carter: Planning for Operations Expansion

Dan Carter, Kinder Morgan Canada’s Central Region Operations Director, is responsible for operations including the Edmonton Control Centre, the Leak ...


Integrity Digs Part of a Robust Pipeline Safety Program

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