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Crews Mobilize at Westridge Marine Terminal to Resume On-Water Construction

On September 27, 2019, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority issued Trans Mountain a new Project Permit authorizing us to recommence construction activity on-water at the marine terminal.


The New Canada Energy Regulator: What Does this Mean for Trans Mountain?

On August 28, the Canadian Energy Regulator Act came into force and replaced the National Energy Board with the Canada Energy Regulator.


Important Steps Take Place Before “Boots-on-the-Ground” Construction Begins

Trans Mountain will be prepared to re-start construction on the Expansion Project once the necessary approvals and requirements are in place.


Focus on Conditions: Pre-Construction Conditions

Before the construction phase of the Project can begin 98 pre-construction conditions need to be satisfied.


Resuming the Regulatory Process

On July 19, the National Energy Board released its decision outlining how the regulatory processes for the Expansion Project will resume, including detailed route and condition compliance processes.


Focus on Conditions: Amendments to Conditions

As a result of the re-initiated Phase III consultations, the government has amended six of the conditions recommended by the NEB in their February 22, 2019 Reconsideration Report.


Ian Anderson Addresses Key Questions About Next Steps for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project

Contractors gearing up to hire “thousands” of workers for Expansion Project, Trans Mountain CEO Ian Anderson says in teleconference with major media outlets.


How We Got Here

On June 18, 2019, the Government of Canada approved the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, subject to 156 conditions. We take a look back at how we arrived at this point.


Focus on Conditions: Reconsideration Report

In their report, the NEB released 156 conditions that Trans Mountain would be required to meet in order for the Project to be carried out.


NEB Approves Incentive Toll Settlement Between Trans Mountain and Shippers

The National Energy Board has determined Trans Mountain’s new three-year toll settlement is in the public’s interest.

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