The term abandonment applies to a situation when a pipeline operator decides to permanently stop operating the pipeline. Currently in Canada, very few pipelines are abandoned, and we do not anticipate terminating operation of our pipeline systems in the foreseeable future. However, as the owners of significant infrastructure, we need to plan for our pipeline’s end of practical life. We aim to ensure that our pipelines are abandoned in a safe, environmentally sound and economically feasible manner.

As required by the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) and in conjunction with the Land Matters Consulting Initiative (LMCI), we developed a five-year action plan to reach a CER 2015 milestone requiring pipeline operators to begin setting aside funds designated for future pipeline abandonment. The goal of the initiative is to address all aspects of abandonment: approaches, costs and expected timing, and to ensure that abandonment will not be a cost borne by landowners. The collection and set-aside of funds for pipeline abandonment began January 1, 2015 by adding a surcharge to the tolls paid by shippers transporting petroleum.

Since 2011, we have been communicating information about pipeline abandonment and LMCI to landowners, occupants and land managers along our pipeline systems (see the list of landowner communications regarding pipeline abandonment below)

For more information about pipeline abandonment, please visit the CER website.

We look to landowners, occupants and land managers to help develop an approach that serves the interests of the public while having minimal impact on the environment. Your input will have an effect on our abandonment plan.

Please contact us at 1.866.268.3001 or [email protected] if you have any questions, comments or suggestions about pipeline abandonment.