A pipeline can be damaged when there’s direct contact with it during excavation or other ground disturbance activities. These incidents commonly result from work being done near the pipelines without our prior knowledge or consent. Remember, safety  and damage prevention starts with just one call or click.

Our Damage Prevention and Public Awareness Program is designed to:

  • Create awareness about pipelines in your area
  • Provide important safety information to people living and working near our pipelines
  • Increase knowledge of the regulations for working around pipelines
  • Educate first responders and the public on our emergency preparedness response activities
  • Prevent damage to our pipelines
  • Enhance public safety

Our public awareness program is responsible for communicating pipeline safety and damage prevention information to four distinct stakeholder groups:

  • Affected Public: landowners and residents living and working within 0.2 km either side of the pipeline
  • Contractors/Excavators: anyone who is involved in ground disturbance activities within communities near Trans Mountain operations
  • Emergency Responders: police, fire and ambulance
  • Elected Officials and Government Employees


The program educates stakeholder groups about local One Call Centres and the “Call Before You Dig” programs in BC and Alberta. These initiatives are focused on preventing damage to underground infrastructure occurring from contractors or local residents digging without knowing what lies below.