Pipeline safety is our number one priority. During more than 65 years of operations, we’ve developed a mature suite of programs that maximize pipeline safety. We are committed to being a good corporate citizen by incorporating responsible business practices and conducting our operations in an ethical manner. We always strive to improve pipeline and facility integrity to protect the safety of the public, the environment and our employees.

Pipeline safety practices that focus on preventing pipeline failures and minimizing their impact are all part of what is known as a Pipeline Integrity Management Program. This program identifies all of the hazards affecting the safety of the pipeline system and ensures we implement control measures to prevent or mitigate each hazard.  Our Pipeline Integrity Management Program focuses on identifying and preventing hazards, ongoing monitoring of hazards, pipeline control and monitoring, and spill volume reduction measures. Integrity Management goals include:

  • Promoting the long-term integrity of the pipeline system
  • Conducting business in a safe and environmentally responsible manner
  • Complying with applicable regulations and standards
  • Demonstrating continuous improvement through the monitoring of performance measures and annual risk assessments

Additionally, the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) regulates the ongoing operations of pipelines in Canada. As a federally-regulated company, the CER regularly audits Trans Mountain. Any regulatory compliance gaps identified in these audits are tracked and addressed through a comprehensive Corrective Action Plan that remains in place until all items are completed. A similar process is followed during and after an internal audit.

Our Pipeline Protection Program includes awareness practices that focus on educating landowners, contractors and excavators, emergency responders, elected government officials and government employees. This program educates these groups about local One Call Centres and the “Call Before You Dig” programs in BC and Alberta. These initiatives are targeted at preventing damage to underground infrastructure occurring from contractors or local residents digging without knowing what lies below.

Additionally, we have an extensive employee safety program  where we are committed to creating a safe environment for all staff, contractors and the public.

Unique pipeline technologies are integrated into our current operations and all of these programs. Both the existing pipeline and our expansion Project are using evolutions and advancements in pipeline technology.