Economic Information

  • The Conference Board of Canada - Who Benefits? A Summary of the Economic Impacts That Result From the Trans Mountain Expansion Project View Report
  • The Conference Board of Canada - Seeking Tidewater: Understanding the Economic Benefits of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. View Report
  • Canadian Chamber of Commerce - $50 Million a Day View Report
  • Visual Capitalist - Canadian Oil and Gas: The US needs less. Asia needs more. View Infographic
  • Fraser Institute - The Canadian Oil Transport Conundrum View Study
  • Pipelines and Fuel Prices - Dispelling the Myths Read Article
  • Crude, Cushing, and Crack Spreads: How to make sense of it all? Read Article

Safety & Environment Information

  • Navis Research Inc. - A review of ECCC's method for estimating upstream GHGs View Report
  • Canadian Energy Pipeline Association - Safe Pipeline Operations View fact sheet
  • Canadian Energy Pipeline Association - Damage Prevention View fact sheet
  • Canadian Energy Pipeline Association - Emergency Response View fact sheet
  • Canadian Energy Pipeline Association - CEPA Integrity First® Visit site
  • Canadian Senate - Moving Energy Safely: A Study of the Safe Transport of Hydrocarbons by Pipelines, Tankers and Railcars in Canada View Study
  • Transport Canada (TC) – Marine Safety Visit site
  • Association of Oil Pipe Lines – Safety Fact Sheet View fact sheet
  • Transport Research Board – Study of Pipeline Transportation of Diluted Bitumen View study
  • Chamber of Shipping BC – Safe Tanker Management Practices videos View videos
  • Chamber of Shipping BC – Safe Shipping Handbook View handbook
  • Transport Canada – A Review of Canada's Ship-Source Oil Spill Preparedness and Response Regime View Report
  • Transport Canada – Speaking Notes for The Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of transport at an event to announce new measures to strengthen a world-class tanker safety system View Speech
  • Canadian Chamber of Commerce – Five Key Facts About Moving Oil By Water That Need To Be Part of the National Debate View Report
  • Fraser Institute – Safety in the Transportation of Oil and Gas: Pipelines or Rail? View Report

Energy Industry Associations

  • The National Energy Board (NEB) Visit site
  • Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) Visit site
  • Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) Visit site
  • CAPP & Canadian Geographic - Canada's Energy Product and Transmission View map graphic
  • Canada Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) Visit site

Marine Associations

  • Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) – Marine Operations Visit site
  • BC Coastal Pilots Visit site
  • Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia (COSBC) Visit site
  • Western Canadian Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC) Visit site
  • Western Canadian Spill Services (WCSS) Visit site

Pipeline Projects in Canada

  • The National Energy Board (NEB) - A Proposed Pipeline or Power Line Project: What You need to Know View Brochure
  • The National Energy Board (NEB) - Landowner Guide View guide
  • The National Energy Board (NEB) - Guide to the Public Hearing Process View guide
  • The National Energy Board (NEB) - Environmental Assessment FAQs View questions