Socio-Economic Monitoring Reports provide information regarding the impacts of construction in Trans Mountain Expansion Project (Project) communities.

The reports are based on a series of measurements and metrics called indicators which are identified in the Socio-Economic Effects Monitoring Plan (SEEMP) as required by Canada Energy Regulator (CER) Condition 13 (A84618-3). Both Project and Context indicators are reported by Trans Mountain.

Project indicators address construction-related topics such as the number of workers in the community, the type of accommodation being used and use of local healthcare resources. The report also identifies construction-related social or economic issues and concerns raised by Indigenous groups and stakeholders. These Project indicators help Trans Mountain monitor the impacts of construction and identify any areas that may require change.

Context indicators provide some understanding of the background socio-economic environment in construction communities. Context indicators include information from public and government sources.


Project indicator data is collected from Trans Mountain and contractors each month once construction commences in a spread. The data is then compiled into a report reflecting the previous three months of activity in each region of Project construction. Reporting begins in the quarter following the start of construction in each region and occurs every four months until the end of construction.

The Monitoring Highlights newsletter provides key findings from the report in each region. The newsletter is distributed to Indigenous groups and identified stakeholders as part of the Trans Mountain notification process and is available online approximately two weeks following the posting of the Report.

The Reports and Monitoring Highlights newsletter for each construction region are found in the respective sections below.

Trans Mountain Response

Project indicators have thresholds for action, as outlined in the SEEMP, which guide decisions about Project management.

The report includes discussion of actions Trans Mountain and/or its contractors have taken, or will be taking to improve socio-economic performance during construction in response to the monitoring indicators where appropriate.

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