As part of the expanded pipeline system, Sumas Terminal will receive one new tank with a capacity of 175,000 barrels. This will bring the total number of tanks to seven and a total storage capacity of 890,000 barrels. An estimated crew of 30-40 workers, during peak construction times, will install the new tank and associated infrastructure.

Additionally, a recently proposed re-route from the approved pipeline corridor would move a valve from outside the Sumas Terminal onto the terminal property. The proposed re-route travels through Sumas Terminal, parallels the existing feeder pipelines and exits to the south through Trans Mountain-owned property back to the approved pipeline corridor. The re-route allows for all valves to be installed within the existing Sumas Terminal facility and would reduce the pipeline footprint by moving the valve to existing facility. It would also eliminate the need to construct permanent access to the valve site from Sumas Mountain Road and reduce the potential impact of the Project to critical habitat for Oregon forest snail.