"The Trans Mountain Expansion Project has undergone unprecedented scrutiny over the past six years and set a new standard for review of energy projects in our country. We can build an expansion that balances social, environmental and economic interests, and unlocks billions of dollars in benefits for our entire country.

Given the importance of the Project to Canada, Indigenous communities, our shippers, our contractors and working Canadians, we are committed to trying to find a way forward to allow us to advance this critical Project."

- Ian Anderson, President of Kinder Morgan Canada Limited

By increasing Canada’s capacity to get resources to market, Federal and provincial governments will see $46.7 billion in additional taxes and royalties over 20 years. Producers will see $73.5 billion in increased revenues.

Make Your Voice Heard

Raise your voice to support this Project that has been determined to be in Canada's national interest. Here's how you can take action:

  • Raise your voice on social media. Share this page, tell your friends and colleagues "It's time to #BuildTM. Raise your voice to protect Canada's national interest!"
  • Attend a rally or event near you. Local rallies and events will be updated here.

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