Twinning the Trans Mountain Pipeline will inject $7.4 billion* into Canada’s economy through Project spending and increases in Canada’s capacity to export its resources to market. We're seeking to showcase and expand the support shown by companies, organizations and individuals for the importance of market access to Canadians.

How can you help?

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 We’d like to thank all the individuals, companies, organizations, municipalities and chambers of commerce who have expressed their support for the Project.

 “The TMEP will extend Canada's reach into new markets with customers who pay higher prices, generate thousands of high-paying jobs, and create billions of dollars in government revenue for both the country and British Columbia.”

- Greater Vancouver Board of Trade

 "With the development of Trans Mountain, there will be a lot of local benefits including jobs, procurement and community partnerships. The spending from this mega-project will help employ thousands of good people and keep business open."

 -Harinder Bal, small business owner in Kamloops, BC

 “Canada is a model for responsible resource development and we should be proud of it. World-class safety standards for construction and operation ensure British Columbians can take comfort in the safe economic activity this project will deliver.”

 - Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of BC

“Building pipeline capacity also allows Canada to meet the growing global demand for energy products using the latest technology and best-in-class environmental protections. It is worth noting that other oil producing nations that are competing with Canada to serve global energy markets tend to have lower environmental and regulatory standards, including with respect to the marine environment.”

 - Business Council of British Columbia

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 *Actual project costs may change.