Project Interaction 

Traffic impacts may occur on public roadways as a result of Trans Mountain Expansion Project (Project) activities including pipeline and facilities construction as well as the development and use of temporary infrastructure sites (construction yards, stockpile areas, and camps). The Traffic and Access Control Management Plan (Plan) acts as a Traffic Management Plan for Appropriate Government Authorities and provides direction to Contractors regarding minimum requirements for maintaining safe work environments as well as minimizing traffic disruption to the travelling public.

Traffic Plan Requirement

The Plan includes the minimum requirements all Contractors must follow in the development of Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) and Traffic Control Plans (TCPs) for each construction spread. The Plan addresses provincial regulatory requirements for Alberta and British Columbia. Contractors will address local government regulatory requirements.

Plan details include current and anticipated traffic volumes, a description of traffic flows, identification of stockpile sites, camps and potential construction yards for marshaling as well as an assessment of potential impacts and associated mitigation measures for key Project activities and locations.The Plan includes Construction Access Management Maps showing planned routes for access to Project construction and construction-use areas.

Contractors will develop complementary Traffic Management Plans for their work area and may be required to develop detailed Traffic Control Plans for each worksite during final construction planning.

Planned Mitigation

Mitigation measures are site-specific and may include use of traffic control devices/signage and Traffic Control Personnel as well as measures to minimize local light, dust and noise impacts. Project workers will marshal at designated locations and will be transported to work sites where practical.

Trans Mountain and its Contractors will complete public notifications prior to traffic disruptions.

NEB Condition

The Traffic and Access Control Management Plan addresses the requirements of National Energy Board Condition 73 for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

Read the full Traffic and Access Control Management Plan.

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The consultation period for this plan is now closed to allow time for preparation of the final plan before submission to the National Energy Board. Please Contact Us if you have additional questions or comments.