Trans Mountain is committed to working with Indigenous communities in a spirit of cooperation and shared responsibility; and to building and sustaining meaningful relationships based on mutual respect and trust to achieve respective business and community objectives.

We also respect the Aboriginal and Treaty Rights recognized in the Canadian Constitution, and the unique culture, diversity, languages and traditions of Indigenous Peoples in Canada; the First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples.

Trans Mountain seeks to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan that is informed through engagement – both internal and external – and that will evolve over time. As a starting point in 2023, we conducted 14 engagement sessions with more than 60 participants. Due to the response and the need to allow more time for engagement, additional sessions are planned for 2024. Feedback from our workers and Indigenous communities is fundamental to the development of our framework, including pillars and commitments, that will provide a structured approach to advance our reconciliation efforts. While there is always room to grow, we are proud of the work Trans Mountain has initiated along its pathway to reconciliation.

The What We Heard Report summarizes the experiences, perspectives and perceptions expressed at the Focus Group sessions. It will also guide Trans Mountain’s future direction and inform specific actions as we continue the development of our Reconciliation Action Plan, to be published in 2024.