Trans Mountain crews working at the two field study sites made progress today.

Drilling, which commenced yesterday evening, is advancing as planned and core samples, which will help determine the geology of Burnaby Mountain, are starting to be retrieved.

Using helicopter transport, Trans Mountain has been able to bring fencing, supplies and equipment for work crews for the field studies at one of the test holes. By using the helicopter, further ground disturbance, as would have been required by ground transport, has been avoided.

These field studies require drilling two six-inch test holes, approximately 250 metres in depth, in order to take core samples at two locations on Burnaby Mountain. Trans Mountain is committed to minimizing any impacts and restoring, or compensating, for any disturbance to Burnaby Mountain.

Trans Mountain supports the right of protesters to lawfully assemble and respectfully demonstrate their interests. Trans Mountain is committed to continuing the dialogue while our Application is before the National Energy Board. While we support lawful protest, we will continue to put the safety of our workers and everyone on Burnaby Mountain as our first priority.

Trans Mountain is aware that the activities on Burnaby Mountain have impacted Horizons, the local restaurant. As part of Trans Mountain’s engagement we have been in dialogue with Horizons. With the recent events we have reached out to the restaurant and will continue those discussions to understand the impacts and how they can be mitigated.

Trans Mountain crews on Burnaby Mountain with some of the first core samples removed from one of the test holes