There are nine candidate observation viewpoints along the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMEP) corridor — two in Alberta and seven in British Columbia.

Project Interaction 

National Energy Board (NEB) Condition 95 Visual Impact Plan (Plan) requires supplemental visual modelling surveys be conducted in select locations highly visible to the public and where the TMEP corridor deviates from the existing Trans Mountain Pipeline (TMPL) system right-of-way (ROW).

The Candidate Visual Modelling Locations document identifies potential sites for visual modelling surveys. The results of these surveys will be included in the Plan.

Planned Consultation 

The candidate locations will be submitted for review and feedback from Appropriate Government Authorities, potentially affected Aboriginal groups and affected landowners/tenants.

Engagement and feedback on this document will inform the final selection of visual modelling locations. Upon the selection of final modelling locations, Trans Mountain will conduct fieldwork to take baseline photographs and further refine precise observation viewpoints based on field observations. Visual modelling will then be conducted.

The Visual Impact Plan, presenting the survey results and discussing any additional mitigation, will be filed with the NEB two months prior to the start of construction.

NEB Condition

The selection of Candidate Visual Modelling Locations for the Visual Impact Plan addresses the requirements for the development of the Visual Impact Plan (NEB Condition 95) for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

Read Candidate Visual Modelling Locations for the TMEP Visual Impact Plan.


The consultation period for this plan is now closed to allow time for preparation of the final plan before submission to the National Energy Board. Please contact us if you have additional questions or comments.