As part of Trans Mountain Expansion Project activities, Kiewit Ledcor TMEP Partnership (KLTP) developed and operates a site located at 2115 Commissioner Street in Vancouver, BC as a temporary construction staging, parking and barge loading site. As required by Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (the Port Authority) Project Permit 17-122 Condition 46, KLTP will be demobilizing at the conclusion of the lease term. Subject to VFPA approval of demobilization plans, KLTP plans to be demobilized from the site by the end of 2023.

Site Demobilization

Demobilization activities may include the removal of:

• the marine trestle and dock,

• temporary office trailers,

• all materials staged on site,

• temporary site improvements (i.e., security cameras, light poles, perimeter fencing, and temporary power).

What Your May Notice

You may notice temporary increased truck traffic, noise, dust and marine activity at the site while demobilization activities take place. As originally committed, trucks and worker vehicle traffic will not travel through neighbourhoods and will follow approved transportation routes to access the port area.

Hours Of Work*

Work activities will take place Monday to Saturday between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm of VFPA permit 17-122 and will be guided by Environmental Protection and Emergency Response Plans to ensure compliance with all applicable environmental regulations and permit requirements.

*Dates and hours are subject to change subject to approval by the Port Authority.

Commencement of work is subject to necessary approvals and permits.

Proposed Mitigations to Minimize Disturbance

To mitigate the potential noise generated by the equipment used in the demobilization activities, such as vehicles, forklifts, cranes, and barges, KLTP will adopt the following mitigation measures:

• The temporary marine trestle pile removal will be completed using a vibratory extractor.

• Project-related vessels will be maintained in good working condition to reduce acoustic emissions (both above and below the water surface).

• Construction equipment will be maintained in good working condition and operated at or within load tolerances and ratings.

• When practical, heavy equipment will be shut down when not in active use and will avoid unnecessary engine revving and the use of engine brakes.

• The use of backup beepers will be minimized provided in compliance with WorkSafe regulations.

Site Location

Figure 1: Location of demobilization activity at 2115 Commissioner Street