Construction of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project requires a wide range of workers over a focused period of time. Every effort is being made to maximize the hiring of local workers, however, at times there will be workers with specialized construction skills from outside the various Project regions staying in host communities.

Trans Mountain strives to always be a good neighbour and demonstrate respect and courtesy in everything we do. During construction, we are also guests in these communities and are committed to ensuring our workforce demonstrates our core values of safety, integrity and respect.

Trans Mountain has sought input and expertise from Indigenous communities, local governments, service and accommodation providers, first responders and other stakeholders as we developed the Worker Accommodation Strategy (Strategy) for the Project. The Strategy has been filed with, and approved by, the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) and British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office (BCEAO) as part of the Project’s Approval Conditions. The Strategy describes the type of temporary workforce accommodation planned for the Project, which includes:

  • Camp communities
  • Commercial accommodation: hotels, motels and RV parks
  • Private accommodation

The type of temporary workforce accommodation is determined based on research, engagement and discussions to determine each community’s capacity and interests related to supporting a construction workforce.

Camp Communities

All of our camp communities are now closed.

    Local Commercial Accommodation

    In other communities, Trans Mountain will collaborate with community partners to identify local properties (hotels) that meet Trans Mountain and contractor needs. Partners may include tourism associations, economic development groups, chambers of commerce or community service organizations. The Worker Code of Conduct applies to all contractors working in all Project communities, including non-camp communities as well as camp communities prior to camp occupancy.

    Private Accommodation

    In some circumstances, Trans Mountain plans to use local rental properties to house members of our workforce. Trans Mountain is gathering a list of interested accommodation providers through an online Procurement Registry and will share this with contractors responsible for housing Project workers. If you have available accommodation in one of our construction communities and are interested in housing Trans Mountain workers, please let us know.